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Let us help you find the dog you're looking for...


We can advise and assist in finding and selecting dogs for specifc needs from outside our kennel in the instance that we do not have what you are looking for. We are also able to board the dog and/or pup until shipment. We can also arrange shipment and transport to the airport/shipping company.

  • Breeding Prospects

  • Specific Bloodlines

  • Puppies

  • Various Working Purposes (SAR, Sport, Police, Military, etc.)

Previous Dogs We Have Selected For Clients

  • Manni (Peter Sommers)

  • Jochie (Johnny Ulrich)

We care about early development...

Raising Puppies

People from all over the world choose to import puppies from the Netherlands into various countries. Each country, often times, can have varying import requirements in regards to the age a puppy is allowed to come into the country. Due to this, puppies often times must remain with the breeder or elsewhere for several weeks extra before theyre able to fly to their new owner. These extra weeks are during a critical period of puppy development. We, as breeders ourselves, care about this period of development and want to ensure every puppy who stays with us is allowed the greatest opportunity to succeed until theyre able to join you.

We can assist in raising puppies during the period of time before theyre able to fly to you, or simply upon request for other reasons. 

  • Enviornmental Exposure

  • Socialization

  • Foundational Bitework and/or Searching

  • Crate Training

  • Foundational Obedience (upon request)

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