Upcoming Litters

Tommy Pegge x Joy

Born March 19th, 2023

Repeat Combination


Tommy Pegge

BRN 28022

Tommy is a large impressive male with hard attacks and good nerves. He has numerous breedings, and has shown to produce dogs with very strong traits and characters consistently. 

BRN 40841

A very social, open and free female. She has phenomenal nerves in all situations, a stable character, and is a very honest dog. Joys’ first litter has so far shown to produce these characteristics strongly.

We would like to give a big thank you to Hans Pegge for allowing us the opportunity to use Tommy as stud!! 



Rico x Ripples van de Montferhoeve


BRN 40707

Rico himself has a super high temperament in work, while still able to have a stable temperament outside of work and in the home. He is enviornmentally perfect, and has super hunting and searching drives. Along with a nice hard bite. He is also a harder dog in training. Rico is an impressive, beautiful dog to see and a good representative of the Duco line.

Ripples van de Montferhoeve
BRN 44981

Ripples is our keeper female from the combination between Gaia vd Montferhoeve (BRN 40268) and Otto (BRN 33067). A combination that we have now repeated a second time with great success. 

Ripples is a nice size female with nice bone and structure. She has a well-balanced character along with solid food, posession and hunt drives. As well as a nice solid convinced grip. 

We want to give a massive thank you to Theo Hendrikx for allowing us the opportunity to use Rico as stud! 




van de Montferhoeve

Born May 4th, 2023



Rico is a very serious, one mans' dog. He has a super high temperament for work, and has very solid nerves. He is an incredible searcher and will never give up in the hunt. He is absolutely not a dog for sports, and is a true duel purpose police type. He comes from a proven combination between the Charlie and Duco line which has been repeated numerous times with great success. 

His father, Max (BRN 33786), is a direct Charlie son, and his mother, Luna (BRN 33827), comes from a previous breeding of ours between Branco (BRN 22727) and Pica (BRN 23200). 

Bellona van de Montferhoeve
BRN 42786

Bellona comes from the combiation between Otto (BRN 33067) and Joy (BRN 40841). She is a very open and free female just like her mother, as well as has a natural full grip, and strong entries. She is also very social, with an excellent temperament during work as well as at home.  

We would like to give a big thank you to Tini van de Doelen for allowing us the opportunity to use Rico as stud! 



Drago x Sky

Due June 27th

Available Reservations

BRN 40505
Drago comes from a combination between Duuk (BRN 27337) and Kaja (BRN 34744). This is a very strong combination on different Duco offspring. 
Drago, himself, is a very large and impressive dog to see. He is a very strong and serious dog in work. He is currently working as an active duel purpose police dog in Germany. 
BRN 41189

Sky comes from a combination between Dino (BRN 23586) and Branca (BRN 30818). Dino is a full brother to our old stud dog, Branco, coming from the very successful combination of Dax x Noa. Branca also comes from a combination combining a Dax daughter with Berry II. 

Sky herself is an open, free, and social female. She has exremely high apporting drives and a lot of temperament to work, whether it be obedience or searching, while at the same time having more of an independent character.

She has had two litters so far with Otto (BRN 33067), and showed to produce her extreme apporting drives. All pups in both litters showed to be very strong dogs. 

Thank you so much to Daniel Wiedeking for allowing us the opportunity to use Drago! 



NEF K9 Bomber
Tainos' Brenca

Expected Summer 2023

Available Reservations

NEFK9s Bomber
BRN 33926
1st AVD Puppy
2nd AVD Silver
2nd Ringsport-Attack AVD
1st Puppy Long Send AVD
3rd Puppy AVD

Bomber is a well known working dog in the UK scene as well as around the world. He has shown himself to also be a very strong consistent producer over different femlaes and different lines. Bomber himself is a hard headed, confident, and eager worker with no self preservation. He has phenomenal nerves, and has shown this as well as how hard he can be in the work through the numerous enviornmental stations that he has been put through. Bomber is not social towards strangers, however is great within his own family including kids.  

Tainos Brenca
BRN 45920
Brenca comes from a combination between our previous stud Branco (BRN 22727) and Maria "Ren" (BRN 31404). Ren has strong lines behind her, coming from a combination between a Kuno son and a Berry II daughter. These lines have shown previously to combine well alongside Django/Duco.
Brenca herself is a social, open and free dog, with a healthy level of edge to her. She has very high posession, solid temperament for any kind of work, and is very eager to bite with a solid grip. She is currently in training for PH1.



Otto x Luna

Expected Summer 2023

Available Reservations


BRN 33067

Otto is a very nice dog in his character as well as working ability. However, even more than that he has shown time and time again to be a fantastic producer. We have already used him four times; once with Joy, once with Shaira, and two times with Gaia. And over all three of our females as well as the offspring weve seen from other combinations from other breeders, the pups are incredibly consistent in traits. Very posessive, nice calm hard grips, high apporting drives, good nerves, and social-socially neutral. Due to this, we have decided to use Otto once again over Luna. We hope to continue to see the type of pups weve had from the previous combinations, but even more so similar to our Otto x Gaia litters. 


BRN 33827

Luna comes from a previous combination between Branco (BRN 22727) and Pica (BRN 23200). This combination was repeated three times due to the great success and quality of pups/dogs that were produced. 

Luna has shown herself to be a great producer with her two litters in combination with Max Doelen (BRN 33786). Rico Doelen; who we will be using in combination with Bellona in Spring 2023 is also from this combination. 



Celik's Home Bono x Gaia van de Montferhoeve

Expected Fall 2023

In-House Litter Only

Celiks Home Bono

BRN 19028

PH1 414

Bono is one of the top offspring of Charlie Doelen. He himself was a "one mans" type of dog. He was a very hard and difficult to train dog. He was not social and had a lot of posession over him. Bono also had a good nose, and a lot of temperament in work. He has shown to be a proven producer, most notably with strong linebred Duco dogs. 

Gaia van de Montferhoeve
BRN 40268

Gaia was our keeper female from a combination between Branco (BRN 22727) and Celik's Home Pippa (BRN 31035). This is a very heavy linbreeding on Django, Dax, Tess, Duco II etc. 

Gaia carries a lot of traits from her mother line through Charlie. She is not social, and is more aloof towards strangers. She carries quite a lot of edge to her, and is enviornmentally free. 

In both of her litters to Otto, she has shown to be a strong producer in her own right. 




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