Upcoming Litters

Otto x Joy


BRN 33067
Otto is a stud quality male currently in training for his PH1. He is a very high drive dog with a lot of temperament in all disciplines and very serious in his work. He has phenomenal searching and bitework, and is a very possessive, dominant male. Otto has all the traits you would want in a stud. Otto comes from the combination of Bonnie x Kuno. This is a proven combination that was repeated three times and brought super quality and consistent litters.
BRN 40841
Joy is a female we recently bought to add to our breeding program. She is a great looking and good size female with phenomenal nerves. From genetics, she has a steady full grip and good apporting drives.
Both dogs are medically 100%.

Celik's Home Pippa x NEFK9's Bomber

Planned breeding for Spring 2021

NEFK9's Bomber
BRN 33926
1st AVD Puppy
2nd AVD Silver
2nd Ringsport-Attack AVD
1st Puppy Long Send ECU
3rd Puppy ECU
Bomber is a well-known dog competing within many UK protection dog trials. He is a social dog at home and with his family, however, is less tolerant of strangers. He is an incredibly confident and self assured dog; excellent enviornmentals and works through any challenge you throw at him with not much self-preservation. He has a high temperament and high drive for work.
Celik's Home Pippa
BRN 31035 

Pippa is a very substantial female. She is not overly tall, but is solid in body type. She is a social female with a bit of edge, and enjoys simply being around people. She is also stable towards other dogs, however, is a dominant type, including towards other males. She is not an over-the-top female in drive, but has overall good traits.

Both dogs are medically 100%.



Branco x Holly

Planned breeding for late 2021/early 2022
BRN 22727

Branco has shown time and time again to produce stable, clear-headed, and dominant in character offspring. Offspring that have been successful in police, military, sport, and even excellent additions to several breeding programs. 

Branco is social outside of work and in the home. During work he is very dominant in character and carries very strong possession. His search/hunt is strong, but he hunts more out of posession than for the actual search. He is a very hard dog with a lot of drive, and sometimes that supersedes his thinking which can occasionally make him difficult to handle within training. 

BRN 39857
Holly is a very strong, powerful type of female. She is not a completely social type of female and carries quite a bit of natural aggression. Holly has a lot of posession and is not always 100% predictable. She tends to be very dominant in training with high drives; going from 0-100 in a split second. She has strong search, a strong full, pushing grip, and in general is quite a complete female.
Both dogs are medically 100%.



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