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Upcoming Litters

Celik's Home Bono x Gaia van de Montferhoeve

Expected Fall 2023

In-House Litter Only

Celiks Home Bono

BRN 19028

PH1 414

Bono is one of the top offspring of Charlie Doelen. He himself was a "one mans" type of dog. He was a very hard and difficult to train dog. He was not social and had a lot of posession over him. Bono also had a good nose, and a lot of temperament in work. He has shown to be a proven producer, most notably with strong linebred Duco dogs. 

Gaia van de Montferhoeve
BRN 40268

Gaia was our keeper female from a combination between Branco (BRN 22727) and Celik's Home Pippa (BRN 31035). This is a very heavy linbreeding on Django, Dax, Tess, Duco II etc. 

Gaia carries a lot of traits from her mother line through Charlie. She is not social, and is more aloof towards strangers. She carries quite a lot of edge to her, and is enviornmentally free. 

In both of her litters to Otto, she has shown to be a strong producer in her own right. 




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