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Tommy Pegge x Joy

Born April 9th, 2022

8 males, 1 female

Reservations Full

Tommy Pegge
BRN 28022

Tommy is a large impressive male with hard attacks and good nerves. He has numerous breedings, and has shown to produce dogs with very strong traits and characters consistently. 

BRN 40841

A very social, open and free female. She has phenomenal nerves in all situations, a stable character, and is a very honest dog. Joys’ first litter has so far shown to produce these characteristics strongly.

We would like to give a big thank you to Hans Pegge for allowing us the opportunity to use Tommy as stud!! 

Both dogs are medically 100%.



Otto x Shaira

Born April 15th, 2022
5 males, 2 females
BRN 33067

This will be the third time now that we have chosen to use Otto. Each time different females, and each time for their own unique reasons. However, what we are seeing consistently in not only our litters with Otto but also litters from other breeders, is that he is consistently, and very strongly throwing his traits. He is showing to consistently produce over different females, pups with a lot of posession and natural edge/aggression to them. Strong working characters as well as good nerves and stability. Dogs who work well but also are still able to be normal outside of work.  

Otto himself, is of course, strong in character, has high posession, good nerves, but is also social and able to be a normal dog. 

Otto is owned by Mirella Veenstra and Jereon Wilts of VNW Dogs.
BRN 34076

Shaira comes from a combination between Kuno (BRN 18465) and Leika (BRN 23511). Leika has strong lines behind her with some notable dogs being: Marco Linders (BRN 254), Charlie Doelen/Cody Huijs, and Tessa Hendrix/Django. 

Shaira herself is a very social female, and shows solid drive from nature even though she has not been trained. 

She has had one litter to date with Branco (BRN 22727), and so far the pups from that combination are showing strongly. 

Both dogs are medically 100%.



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