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Otto x Luna

Born October 27th, 2023

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BRN 33067

Otto is a very nice dog in his character as well as working ability. However, even more than that he has shown time and time again to be a fantastic producer. We have already used him four times; once with Joy, once with Shaira, and two times with Gaia. And over all three of our females as well as the offspring weve seen from other combinations from other breeders, the pups are incredibly consistent in traits. Very posessive, nice calm hard grips, high apporting drives, good nerves, and social-socially neutral. Due to this, we have decided to use Otto once again over Luna. We hope to continue to see the type of pups weve had from the previous combinations, but even more so similar to our Otto x Gaia litters. 


BRN 33827

Luna comes from a previous combination between Branco (BRN 22727) and Pica (BRN 23200). This combination was repeated three times due to the great success and quality of pups/dogs that were produced. 

Luna has shown herself to be a great producer with her two litters in combination with Max Doelen (BRN 33786). Rico Doelen; who we will be using in combination with Bellona in Spring 2023 is also from this combination. 



Celik's Home Bono x Gaia van de Montferhoeve

Expected Fall 2023

In-House Litter Only

Celiks Home Bono

BRN 19028

PH1 414

Bono is one of the top offspring of Charlie Doelen. He himself was a "one mans" type of dog. He was a very hard and difficult to train dog. He was not social and had a lot of posession over him. Bono also had a good nose, and a lot of temperament in work. He has shown to be a proven producer, most notably with strong linebred Duco dogs. 

Gaia van de Montferhoeve
BRN 40268

Gaia was our keeper female from a combination between Branco (BRN 22727) and Celik's Home Pippa (BRN 31035). This is a very heavy linbreeding on Django, Dax, Tess, Duco II etc. 

Gaia carries a lot of traits from her mother line through Charlie. She is not social, and is more aloof towards strangers. She carries quite a lot of edge to her, and is enviornmentally free. 

In both of her litters to Otto, she has shown to be a strong producer in her own right. 




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