Upcoming Litters

Otto x Gaia

Otto (BRN 33067) x Gaia (BRN 40268)
Due to the success of the Otto x Joy combination, as well as the consistency in traits we’ve seen Otto produce over various different females, we have decided to use Otto again over our female, Gaia.
Gaia comes from a heavy linebreeding on Django/Duco lines, and Otto of course comes from the notorious combination of Bonnie x Kuno. Gaias grandmother is a full sister of Celik’s Home Bono and Ottos mother, Bonnie, is a daughter of Celik’s Home Bono.
It has been our experience that the Kuno lines combined with the Django lines are producing strongly what we like to see in our dogs. Add on top of that the addition of Charlie in this combination and you get the best of all worlds.
We are very excited to see the puppies from this combination.
As always, both dogs are 100% medically tested.
Otto is owned by Mirella Veenstra and Jereon Wilts of VNW Dogs. 


Tinus x Joy

Tinus van Leeuwen
BRN 37144

A very impressive male to see in person! He is in character a very strong and dominant type of male. He is the type of dog that you do not see too often nowadays. The old school type.

BRN 40841

A very social, open and free female. She has phenomenal nerves in all situations, a stable character, and is a very honest dog. Joys’ first litter has so far shown to produce these characteristics strongly.

We would like to give a big thank you to Dick and Selena van Leeuwen for allowing us the opportunity to use Tinus as stud!! We are very excited for this combination!

Both dogs are medically 100%.



Branco x Holly
Reservations Full

Planned breeding for late 2021/early 2022
BRN 22727

Branco has shown time and time again to produce stable, clear-headed, and dominant in character offspring. Offspring that have been successful in police, military, sport, and even excellent additions to several breeding programs. 

Branco is social outside of work and in the home. During work he is very dominant in character and carries very strong possession. His search/hunt is strong, but he hunts more out of posession than for the actual search. He is a very hard dog with a lot of drive, and sometimes that supersedes his thinking which can occasionally make him difficult to handle within training. 

BRN 39857
Holly is a very strong, powerful type of female. She is not a completely social type of female and carries quite a bit of natural aggression. Holly has a lot of posession and is not always 100% predictable. She tends to be very dominant in training with high drives; going from 0-100 in a split second. She has strong search, a strong full, pushing grip, and in general is quite a complete female.
Both dogs are medically 100%.



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