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Our Breeding Program

We strive to produce dogs suitable for various forms of service work; from duel purpose police and military canines to those suitable for sports. Our primary aim is for the former. We aim to produce dogs with high temperament, phenomenal nerves, health, and stability. Our goal thereby is quality not quantity. 

Our primary focus is the breeding and raising of dogs for these purposes from our own breeding stock. However, on request of customers we also advise and select dogs for specific needs from outside our kennel, including "specials" such as stud quality males, breeding females, or dogs from specific bloodlines.

Within our breeding program we focus primarily along the lines of Duco II. This includes dogs such as Django, Rico Vergossen, Rico te Lindert, Jochie, Manni, Bram etc. All dogs that exhibit their own unique traits through breeding, but in short are all encompassed within the Duco II bloodline. Among the various lines within Duco II we focus a lot on Django. Over time, it has been our experience, that the Duco II line (specifically Django) consistently brings us the traits we desire. Such as a strong work ethic, solid attacks, high temperament, high posession, good health, good nerves, and stability with the ability to be strong in work and social at home. We also use other lines as "outcrosses" that we have found through the years to make a nice combination alongside the Duco II lines; such as Charlie, Jack Puts lines, etc. These lines allow us to bring in "fresh blood" and certain unique traits without losing anything. For example, the Charlie line allows us bring in more natural aggression as well as true natural desire and enjoyment to search without losing any of the traits we breed for in the Duco II line. 

Duco II

DOB: Unknown

Died in 1999

PH1 428 CL

Certified by Rob Seegers

Duco II



DOB: Unknown

Died in May 2011

PH1 439 CL

PH2 454 CL

Certified by Peter Sommers


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