Available Dogs and Puppies

Makecha's Pepper


Makecha's Pepper is a FCI female. She comes from a combination between Arco van Zilverloop (BRN 25024) and Makecha's Kija (BRN 34542). She is a linebreed on Dackx Pearle de Tourbiere (BRN 7773).

Pepper is a high drive, high temperament dog. She can handle pressure well and continue to work. She has solid full, confident grips on both a suit and IGP sleeve. She is the type of dog that does well in sport as well as KNPV style training. Pepper has a high will to please and genuinely enjoys working alongside you. She also has good nerves, and searches well in any type of environment.

Joy x Otto

All Puppies Reserved

Joy gave birth to 11 healthy puppies, from the combination with Otto, on May 1. Of the 11, there are 7 females and 4 males. Four of the females are fawn (xMH) and three are a very nice, dark brindle (xHH). Out of the males, there are two fawn and two brindle. We have several puppies still AVAILABLE for reservation from this phenomenal combination.

Viper x Celik's Home Raya


Viper is a brother to Otto, from the same combination of Kuno x Bonnie. This combination was repeated several times, and each time produced consistent very high quality dogs with the ability to work and perform in various venues.  Bonnie is a direct Celik's Home Bono daughter as well as a grand daughter from Rico Lindert and daughter of Donna Sommers.