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Genetic Testing

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I have been very hesitant to make this post, but a few things have led to me deciding to actually do it. One major reason being, that I feel as though it is good information, and thought-provoking ideals that people should know in regards to genetic testing breeding stock.

I see so many people beginning to DNA test their breeding stock, or just personal dogs in general. I think this is an amazing thing, however what is not amazing is there appears to be quite a lot of misinterpretation surrounding this new craze, as far as what it means and what it does not mean. I find this to be a problem. In the age of mass amounts of information at our finger tips, people seem to either not care to find the education they need, or they simply don’t understand how to use it. DNA testing is quite an amazing technological advancement, but it requires understanding behind what that information means.

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Genetic Testing

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