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Gaia vd Montferhoeve

Gaia was our keeper female from a combination between Branco (BRN 22727) and Celik's Home Pippa (BRN 31035). This is a very heavy linbreeding on Django, Dax, Tess, Duco II etc. 

Gaia carries a lot of traits from her mother line through Charlie. She is not social, and is more aloof towards strangers. She carries quite a lot of edge to her, and is enviornmentally free. 

In both of our litters with her to Otto, she is showing to produce strongly.

Bellona vd Montferhoeve

Bellona is our keeper female from the combination between Joy (BRN 40841) and Otto (BRN 33067).

She is showing a nice natural full grip, hard entries, and a very open and free character with excellent enviornmentals just like her mother.

Ripples vd Montferhoeve

Ripples is our keeper female from the combination between Gaia vd Montferhoeve (BRN 40268) and Otto (BRN 33067). A combination that we have now repeated a second time with great success. 

Ripples is a nice size female with nice bone and structure. She has a well-balanced character along with solid food, posession and hunt drives. As well as a nice solid convinced grip. 

Upcoming Litters

Celiks' Home Bono x Gaia van de Montferhoeve