Celik's Home Pippa

Celik's Home Pippa is a daughter from our stud dog, Branco (BRN 22727). She comes from a combination between Branco and Celik's Home Kaat (BRN 30361). This combination combined Django/Duco II lines with Charlie. Pippa's mother, Celik's Home Kaat, is a sister to Celik's Home Bono (BRN 19028) as well as Celik's Home Aron (BRN 25719). 

Pippa is a very substantial female. She is not overly tall, but is solid in body type. She is a social female with a bit of edge, and enjoys simply being around people. She is also stable towards other dogs, however, is a dominant type, including towards other males. She is not an over-the-top female in drive, but has overall good traits.


Makecha's Pepper

Makecha's Pepper is our FCI female. She comes from a combination between Arco van Zilverloop (BRN 25024) and Makecha's Kija (BRN 34542). She is a linebreed on Dackx Pearle de Tourbiere (BRN 7773).

Pepper is a high drive, high temperament dog. She can handle pressure well and continue to work. She has solid full, confident grips on both a suit and IGP sleeve. She is the type of dog that does well in sport as well as KNPV style training. Pepper has a high will to please and genuinely enjoys working alongside you. She also has good nerves, and searches well in any type of environment.

Holly comes from a combination between Evil (BRN 28542) and Bonnie (BRN 26340). Bonnie is a direct daughter from Celik's Home Bono and Evils dam, Raya, is also a direct daughter from Celik's Home Bono (BRN 19028).

Holly is a very strong female. She carries a lot of character, and is quite dominant about it. She has high apporting drives, posession, and naturally carries quite a bit of aggression to her. She tends to be more the type of dog you need to out think than power through as she is also very hard. 


Gaia was our keeper female from a combination between Branco (BRN 22727) and Celik's Home Pippa (BRN 31035). This is a very heavy linbreeding on Django, Dax, Tess, Duco II etc. At this moment she is still just a potential breeding prospect, as she is still too young to say for sure. But she is currently showing strong traits that make us hopeful she will make a strong addition to our breeding program down the road.


Joy comes from the combination of Ivo III (BRN 22967) and Joy (BRN 27295). Joys' mother, Joy, was bred to numerous different males and produced through each one with consistent traits. This makes Joy an interesting addition to our breeding program, coming from a female who was a strong producer. 

Joy is a very social, open and free female. She has phenomenal nerves in all situations, natural full grips, a stable character, and is a very honest dog. She is not an overly hard dog but handles pressure well. She has high intensity and desire to work. 

Upcoming Litters

Joy (BRN 40841) x Otto (BRN 33067)

Celik's Home Pippa (BRN 31035) x Bomber (BRN 33926)

Holly (BRN 39857) x Branco (BRN 22727)