Viper x Celik's Home Raya

We have 3 females from this combination, done by Khoshaba Younan. We will be keeping a female for ourselves, however, we do still have one available for potential clients. 

Viper is a brother to Otto, from the same combination of Kuno x Bonnie. This combination was repeated several times, and each time produced consistent very high quality dogs with the ability to work and perform in various venues.  Bonnie is a direct Celik's Home Bono daughter as well as a grand daughter from Rico Lindert and daughter of Donna Sommers. Bonnie herself is a combination of Django x Charlie lines, which has a history of being very successful as does the combination with Jack Puts lines (Kuno).

Celik's Home Raya, like Vipers' mother Bonnie, is a direct Celik's Home Bono daughter as well and also a Django grand daughter. We previously had 4 females from Raya out of the combination of Raya x Duke and all 4 were confident, solid, overall nice working pups. Raya is also the mother of Evil, hailing from the first combination of Duke x Raya. Evil is the father of our female Holly from the combination between Evil x Bonnie. 

These lines have shown consistency in traits and working ability time and time again.