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mix malinois male chipnr. 528246002355411 dob: 21th of may 2012 pedigree: BRN 22727 F: Dax vd Montferhoeve (T. van der Doelen, Velp)     pedigree: BRN 15229 M: Noa (John te Lindert, Doetinchem)      pedigree: BRN 20441 Medical 100%, X-rayed on hips, elbows and back Branco   is   a   nice,   impressive   looking,   large   size   (67   cm)   male   with   good   pigment and   nice   strong   male   head.   Branco   has   been   breed   out   of   a   heavy   linebreed combination   on   the   Duco   line.   The   complete   litter,   males   and   females,   sorted out   to   be   of   extreme   quality,   no   coïncident   but   a   well   choosen   combination responsible for generations policedogs. Branco    is    a    reasonable    social    dog    with    extraordinairy    hunting    drives    in combination   with   good   possesive   behaviour   and   perfect   environmental   nerves. He   combines   courage,   hardness   and   an   extreme   hard   and   full   pushing   bite.   A challenge to train. Branco’s   offspring   all   show   good   health   and   great   character   and   drives.   He’s producing in a dominant way by genetics.
in training PH1
Some videos of Branco in training
Branco is available at stud for suitable females. Frozen semen available for export (Cryolab, Eersel).
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