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Welcome   at   the   website   of   workingdogkennel   "v/d   Montferhoeve".      We   hope   to   give   you an idea of our passion, the training and breeding of workingdogs for sports and practice. For   our   breeding   programm   we   mainly   focus   on   the   dutch   KNPV-lines   (mix   malinois   and dutch   sheperds).   The   analysing   of   bloodlines   and   combining   suitable   sports/service   dogs is one of our major activities. We train and decoy policedogs for over 25 years. Since    2011    we    expanded    our    business    activities    with    the    selection    and    export    of sports/police   dogs   under   the   company   name   “Montferland   K-9   Services”.   We   focus   on potential   green   dual   purpose   policedogs.   On   request   we   select   stud   quality   dogs,   breeding females or workingdogs out of specific bloodlines for our customers.
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Breeding programm
availability of quality workingdogs
In   wild,   reproducing   is   only   for   the   healthiest and    strongest    ones    of    the    population.    From nature     this     is     neccesary     because     of     the survival of the species. Our   workingdogs   belong   to   the   domesticated variants.   We   breeders      are   responsible   now   for making      the      right      selection      of      breeding partners.     Therefore     we     should     only     use healthy,   strong,   selfasured   dogs   with   extreme workingdrives   and   no   nerve   problems   to   keep   and   improve   our   population   of   quality workingdogs. It’s   a   fact   that   combinations   of   a   strong   linebreed   will   give   the   most   garantee   on   the constant   quality   of   their   offspring.   But   besides   the   wanted   characteristics   also   the   negative properties   are   reproduced   much   more   dominant   when   using   linebreed   instead   of   parents without   any   bloodrelation.   Linebreeding   should   therefore   be   used   with   care   and   demands good   knowledge   and   investigation   for   bloodlines   and   their   genetics.   When   choosing   a combination   we   discuss   our   plans   with   experienced   doghandlers   and   breeders   to   get   a complete   view   about   what   can   be   expected.   This   is   our   way   to   make   a   contribution   to   the availability of quality workingdogs for now and the future. Within   our   breeding   programm   we   concentrate   on   the   linebreeding   of   Duco   II   (R.Seegers, Stokkum).   This   bloodline   has   prooven   to   bring   excellent   serious   workingdogs   for   KNPV and   practice   purposes   since   generations.   This   dominant   reproducing   blood   will   garantee real dogs, more the type of police- than sportsdog. This   is   our   way   to   make   a   contribution   to   the   availability   of   quality   workingdogs   for   now and the future.
we want to breed, have and train  the best, the hardest, the fastest, the toughest, the most intelligent, the most allround,  the best looking, the biggest workingdog ever !
we search the best prooven KNPV lines of top performing dogs we won't go for less than the best
last update: monday 6th of january 2020
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Because   of   years   of   intensive   training with   German   Sheperds,   (mix)   Malinois and    Dutch    sheperds    in    all    kinds    of disciplines   we   have   developed   our   own vision      with      respect      to      the      ideal workingdog. Health,   character   and   working   qualities are     passed     by     genetics.     Therefore good   dogs   are   born   not   made.   Results in   competition   depend   on   handler/dog combination and training.
workingdogs “pur sang”
Our     goal     is     to     train     and     breed workingdogs   who   can   compete   with   top dogs   in   KNPV   and   are   well   suitable   for practice   purposes.   To   achieve   this   we can   and   will   make   no   concessions   with respect    to    the    working    quality    of    the dogs   we   will   be   using   at   our   breeding programm. We   are   continiously   trying   to   get   the best    and    most    extreme    workingdogs, by     breeding     them     or     buying     them elsewhere. WE   WON'T   GO   FOR   LESS THAN THE BEST !  
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new website in progress therefore just the highlights will be updated on regiular base for the upcomming weeks. - mo. 6th of january 2020   actual stock updated   breeding plans 2020 - sa. 21th october 2017   pups expected Luna x Branco - tu. 28th february 2017   pups Pica x Branco 7M + 5F - th. 8th of december 2016   planned litter Pica x Branco - su. 17th of july 2016   Update pups Pica
Workingdog type of dog we strive for solid nerves, well balanced character brave under all circumstances high temperament, extreme drives hard, courage, withstands pressure selfasured with good agression levelatletic social to reasonable social free of genetic deseases In short, the titel policedog worthy !!
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