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some “highlights” of the past
Malinois female born 18-2-2002 NHSB 2400420 pedigree: BRN 7306  F: Vasco vd Barbierhoeve (A.Boone, Kloosterzande)     pedigree: BRN 7305 M: Taika (R.Seegers, Stokkum)      pedigree: BRN 3626 Breeder:  R.B.J. Seegers                 Rozenkampsweg 1                 7039 AC  Stokkum
breeding bitch  († 12-01-2009)
Tess   is   a   Malinois   bitch   we   bought   at   the age   of   2   years.   Because   of   her   dominant behaviour    and    extreme    workingdrives    she couldn't be handled as a familydog anymore. In combination with the right stud this    female    has    proven    to    bring    excellent workingdogs   with   an   extreme   dosis   of   power and drives.
At the 12th of januari 2009 Tess died after complications while giving birth to her last litter.   See litters: Tess x Rico for more details.
video clip: Tess, at home in our garden - 2007
G-litter, januari 2009 Rico (B. Hendrikx, Lage-Wierde)
F-litter, januari 2008 Nierlenders Endor
last update: monday 6th of january 2020
E-litter, augustus 2006 Django (T. vd Doelen, Velp)
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Astor vd Montferhoeve
mix Malinois male born 7-8-2006 pedigree: BRN 14588  F: Django (P.Sommers, 's-Heerenberg)     pedigree: BRN 4730 M: Tess (M.Aalders, Kilder)      pedigree: BRN 7306
PH1 419 pnt m.lof
Astor    is    a    result    of    our    own    breed,    the combination    Tess    x    Django    (P.Sommers) which sort out to be a perfect match. A   social,   strong   male,   brought   back   to   our kennel   at   the   age   of   17   month   to   be   trained in the KNPV programm PH1. Astor       has       excellent       apporting-       and possesion   drives,   shows   hard   and   full   biting work    and    perfect    overall    workingdrives    in general.
video clip: courage test certification PH1, 3 july 2009  Nieuw Dijk
After   certification,   Astor   has   been sold    to    our    good    friend    Serge. Astor    is    now    being    used    at    the dogsquad of the Austrian army. owner:  Serge Bach dogsquad army Austria
Training PHV Elten/Babberich dec. 2008
Certification PH1, 3 juli 2009
Astor in training at his new owner Serge, september 2009
Officially certified protectiondog army Austria by Serge, now starts training (3 month) for certification “explosives”.
may 2010:  Astor officially certified for “explosive detection”
After month of intensive training, Astor has been certified for the detection of explosives  !! Serge, congratulations with the results.
june 2010:  training photos
september 2010:  training photos
october 2010:  training foto’s
mix Malinois female born 5-5-2010 pedigree: BRN 18034 F: Mosley (J. Moody, Dublin, Ireland)     pedigree: BRN 18033 M: Corrie (J. Moody, Dublin, Ireland)      pedigree: BRN 16871
breeding bitch
Tika   is   a   very   strong   mix   malinois   female with    excellent    overall    drives    and    absolute super    nerves.    From    nature    she    has    good      apporting   combined   with   possesion   drives. She    gives    everything    in    biting    (full    steady grip)    and    is    very    serious    in    it,    extreme courage since younge age. She    foccuses    easily    and    doen’t    let    her distracted   by   anything,   almost   obsessed   by the    object    or    decoy    at    very    young    age already.   This   characteristic   is   something   to keep   in   mind   while   training   her   because   she has   to   stay   under   controll   and   be   reachable at all times.  
more info about the outcross line and littermates of Tika:
teaching first bites, Tika 6 month. - nov. 2010
father of Tika, owner John Moody, Ireland
medical 100%, X-rayed (april 2011) hips, ellbows and back.
mix malinois female dob:15th jan. 2013 chipnr. 528093490024676 pedigree: BRN 23200  F: Raff (L. Storteboom, Arnhem)     pedigree: BRN 18849 M: Senna (P. Sommers, ‘s-Heerenberg)      pedigree: BRN 21842
breeding bitch
Pica   is   a   good   size,   high   drive   female   with   lots   of   temperament   and   extreme solid    environmental    nerves.    From    nature    great    hunting,    searching    and apporting    drives.    Pica’s    longattacks    are    spectaculair,    high    and    hard    in combination   with   a   convinced,   solid,   full   and   pushing   grip   on   IPO   sleeve   as well as the KNPV suite. She’s   the   type   of   female   that   we   love   to   add   to   our   breeding   programm. Bloodline   wise   as   well   as   character   and   drives   are   perfect   for   linebreeding back   in   the   old   Duco   lines.   Pica   is   out   of   a   very   consistant   quality   litter   which also   prooves   she’s   no   coïncident   in   breeding.   She   passes   her   character   and drives in a dominant and consisting way by genetics. Pica is medical 100%, X-rayed on hips ellbows and back.
Although   Pica   is   not   in   active   training,   as   a   breeder   we   need   to   be   sure   of   her   quality.   Therefore   she   had   some   basic   training   in   the KNPV programm at young age. Here is a short video clip of her biting work at the age of 16 month.