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Mix Malinois female dob. 21th of april 2018 chipnr. 528224001104375 pedigree: BRN 34709  F: Rambo Vuchtschoot (T. van der Doelen, Velp)     pedigree: BRN 25852 M: Chiva vd Montferhoeve (T. van der Doelen, Velp)      pedigree: BRN 30463
in training KNPV
Bo   is   a   large,   heavy   boned   female,   a   granddaughter   of   our   stud   Branco.   We bought   her   at   the   age   of   about   8   month   to   be   part   of   our   breeding   programm. Bo   is   not   everybodies   friend,   a   female   with   a   healthy   portion   of   sharpness, great   huntdrives   and   an   incredible   nose   which   she   uses   in   search   like   no other   dog.   Her   natural   agression   level   and   light   inflammable   character   makes her being serious in the biting work, its no game for her.  Bo   is   a   special   female   who   has   everything   we   like   to   see   from   nature.   Due   to her   bloodline   she   should   be   able   to   produce   in   a   very   dominant   way   by genetics.   We   selected   Evil BRN   28542       (Dhr.   K.   Younan)   for   stud   at   her   first   litter.   We planned   to   keep   a   female   from   this   combination   because   of   the   outcross blood so to be able to continu our own bloodline.  
Mix Malinois female dob. 16th of june 2017 chipnr. 972273000442297 pedigree: BRN 31035  F: Branco (M. Aalders, Kilder)     pedigree: BRN 22727 M: Celik’s Home Kaat (A. Celiker, Uden)      pedigree: BRN 30361
breeding female
Pippa   is   a   female   with   a   lot   of   drive,   easily   agitated,   quite   possesive   on   the apport,   a   confinced   full   bite   with   nice   grips.   She   has   good   focus   and   doesn’t let   her   distracted   from   things   she   wants.   She   is   very   clearheaded   with   an open and honest character and solid nerves in all circumstances. Pippa   is   the   result   of   a   mix   in   bloodlines   we   believe   in   and   promote   for   years, the   Duco   II   x   Charlie   (Cody,   Ben   Huijs)   lines.   Her   mother,   Celik’s   Home   Kaat is   a   full   sister   of   the   well   known   Celik’s   Home   Bono,   probably   one   of   the thoughest   Charlie   sons   ever,   The   combination   with   our   own   stud   Branco,   a very   strong   linebreed   Duco,   sorted   out   to   be   a   fenominal   match.   So   far   her littermates showing the same quality, a nice constant quality litter.   Pippa   is   the   type   who   has   everything   we   like,   just   from   genetics.   A   welcome addition for training and breeding programm. We   selected   Max BRN   33786    ( dhr.   T.   van   der   Doelen )   to   be   her   breeding partner   for   the   first   litter.   This   is   going   to   be   an   linebreed   on   Duco   II   (over Django) and Charlie ( T. van der Doelen ).